Video Game Composer

About Jacob

Jacob Brickman is a Los Angeles-based Sound Designer with over a decade of experience working with audio. He is known for creating immersive audio environments for a range of projects including games, films, and live events. Known for his technical proficiency and creative prowess, Jacob has a demonstrated history of enhancing the overall audio quality.
Zoom H8, Shure SM7B, Massive, Serum, Devastator Breakout pro, Cubase, Ableton, Wwise, Unreal, Unity
Dota 2, Valorant, Borderlands, God of War, Pikmin, Battlefield, Dark Souls, Hades

Past Projects

FTL Trailer Sound Redesign
- Sound Designer
Chop Shop
- Sound Designer
- Co-composer
Godzilla Sound Redesign
- Sound Designer

Key Skills

Audio Recording Techniques
Expert in creating immersive soundscapes for games and film with extensive knowledge of modern recording technology and audio editing software.
Ambient Sound Design
Proficient in using various sound design techniques to create unique, ambient soundscapes for a range of story needs.
Sound Design Techniques
Understands various sound design techniques and is familiar with the philosophy behind sound design.
Post Production Mastery
In-depth understanding of sound editing and mixing in post-production processes, with emphasis on maintaining balance in audio tracks.
Expert Foley Artistry
Proficient in using field recording to capture unique sounds, recreating them in a studio setting, providing a realistic audio environment.
Software Proficiency
Experienced in handling different audio software like Cubase, Ableton Live, Protools, Wwise, Ureal for audio editing tasks.

Game Jam Games

Sound Designer
Space Bugs
Sound Designer


Berklee College of Music: 2016-2020 - Bachelors Degree in Film scoring, Minor in Video Game scoring
Wwise Certification 2022
Chop Shop: 2020
Kisetsu: 2020
Masking the Murder: 2019
Leagues Below: 2019